Magatte Wade

Magatte Wade is an entrepreneur, founder of Adina for Life, Inc. and Tiossano, Inc. She was born in Senegal and educated in Germany and France, where she graduated from business school. Later, she moved to the United States and worked in a small family business before creating her own companies which were inspired as entrepreneurial attempts to integrate her three cultures (symbolized by Dakar, Paris, and San Francisco). Wade has the conviction that the greatest adventure and the greatest spiritual practice is entrepreneurship.

Last update: 07/07/2011

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2011 – Magatte Wade:
Disruptive Brands as Cultural Innovation
Magatte Wade

06 de septiembre de 2011

Luis Ayala, John Chisholm, Magatte Wade, Geraldina Baca-Spross, Rocio Pinto, Christian Van Der Henst, José Raúl González Merlo, Grete Pasch, Michael Strong, Quinn Stewart, Katya Braun Valle, Josías López, Adrian Catalan, Estuardo Rodríguez Azpuru, Matt Dalio, Sugata Mitra, Alberto Garín, María Wer, Andrés Marroquín, Stephanie Falla, Axel Paredes, Hugo Maul, Manuel F. Ayau

14 de marzo de 2018

MIT Global Startup Workshop 2015: Spreading the Ideas of Entrepreneurship and Development
Magatte Wade

25 de marzo de 2015

Entrepreneurship Experiences
Magatte Wade

03 de febrero de 2012

We Have to Dream Bigger: Experiences of an Entrepreneur
Magatte Wade

01 de febrero de 2012

Tiossano: The Development of a New Product
Magatte Wade

31 de enero de 2012

Consumer Brands as a Cultural Phenomenon
Magatte Wade

30 de enero de 2012

Magatte Wade

19 de agosto de 2011